System Migrations

Corporate actions, budget constraints, collaboration needs, or even obsolescence can create a need to migrate from one system to another.

Effectively managing a migration project with no business disruption is not for the faint of heart. With so many dependencies, user needs, legacy expectations, and organizational impact, the task can get quite complex, fast.

The biggest challenge, however, is migrating data without leaks or distortions, especially history.

Having repeatedly dealt with this problem in a variety of industries and business functions, we have developed a product to address this particular challenge.

Data Refinery & Distribution Platform

Clisertec's proprietary technology platform Qualis® is implemented as the interim repository that can source data from legacy systems and refine them as necessary before distributing consistent, periodic views that meet the requirements of the new target system. This massively parallel, easily repeatable infrastructure helps reduce the cost of migrating content from one system to another.

Qualis creates a robust hub & spoke model with a single connector to each of the systems involved. When the new system is brought online, it can change its role as another source for data, making it easy to capture exceptions and variances in a systematic and auditable way.