Bridge the gap between idea and reality

Clisertec specializes in integrating technologies and processes to solve challenging business problems in practical ways. Clisertec has delivered solutions to clients in a wide variety of industries, including financial services, medical records, insurance, and manufacturing. Areas of expertise include business process reengineering, system migrations, data security, and data quality enhancements.


Qualis® is a new class of software—Data Refinery & Distribution Platform—that overcomes warehouse/mart/lake deficiencies to harmonize data firm-wide. Qualis brings structure, organization and consistency that is essential to comply with regulatory standards such as BCBS-239.

Beecasso® Security Solution eliminates data leaks from cloud installations. Beecasso's patented approach to data security redefines the category with a hybrid HW/SW solution that requires significantly less effort to implement. Beecasso is now its own entity.


Buy-side Solutions

Clisertec has been delivering solutions to asset management firms across various functional units—quantitative research, portfolio management, analytics, operations, trading and compliance.

IT/Ops Automation

Clisertec specializes in the design and implementation of enterprise-level turnkey solutions that provide a stable long-term platform capable of adapting to ever-changing business needs with ease.

System Migrations

Clisertec is unaffiliated with any specific technology vendor. With no brand loyalty, appropriate commodity technologies can be evaluated and chosen with nothing but the best interests of the client in mind.