About Us

Clisertec was founded by Vale Sundaravel in 1994, and is dedicated to solving business problems with the best technology has to offer. The company specializes in integrating technologies and processes to solve challenging business problems in a very practical way.

Vale Sundaravel

Vale is the founder and president. His greatest passion is helping clients fully utilize the potential of the technology at hand to cut costs, secure their data and improve productivity. He is a graduate of Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.

Khaled Moheydeen

Khaled has decades of experience in making behind-the-scenes magic happen in asset management firms, particularly at the trade desk. He is an expert in technology behind high frequency trades and compliance.

Richard Johnson

Rick is a premier consultant, part of the firm since inception. Rick is an implementation specialist with several years of hands-on experience turning seemingly hopeless and complex applications into streamlined solutions that can scale well.

Benjamin Paul

Ben is a long term advisor to Clisertec. A serial entrepreneur with several successful start-ups under his belt, Ben is currently president of Secure Record Services, Inc., a revolutionary service organization specializing in electronic medical records.